The Truth Nobody Never Told You About Jewelry

written by Hellen Grasso abril 1, 2016


They are subtle, elegant and chic. Just perfect for any occasion, but do you really use all of them?

We all know the answer if you keep your jewellery inside the box. Every day we are bombarded with choices and we would love to buy all of them, here is a big mistake. You should have a control of yourself when buy a jewellery otherwise you will never be able to use the sentence: “less is more.”

Here is some advices to have a minimalist jewellery:

1. Display your favourite choices:

If you are visual like me it will be great for you to have your jewellery just next to your clothes and it can be part of your bedroom decoration.

At the Pinterest there’s some DIY tips how to create your own display jewellery


Click here to DIY




Click here to DIY

2. Throw away your jewellery boxes:

Yes, it is a place where the inspiration went to die and the jewellery as well. Most of the time you just are too lazy to find that box and let’s be honest with each other you are always in a hurry to have time to find a perfect earing or necklace to match with your outfit. So get rid of that teeneger jewellery box with all the ballerina music! I suggest a small porcelain dish :)


Click here to DIY


Click here to DIY

And the rest of your jewellery? Just put it in a bag and keep for the next season.

Jewellery: Bel Piazon

Photo: Limongi Photography






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I loved it


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